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Q & A with D2C Adopter, Megan

    Adopter: Megan and Jeremy from Memphis, TN.   Castaway: Rosco   Year of Adoption: 2011     1. What made you decide to rescue a dog? We decided to rescue a dog because my husband had a rescue dog growing up and she was a great dog! We have always felt that rescue dogs were more loyal and we wanted to help a displaced dog find a loving home. Rosco’s original family had been displaced due to the…

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Q & A with D2C Adopter, Ken

   Adopter: Ken and Nancy from Clinton, Tenn.  Castaway: Gypsy (formally Bridgett)  Year of Adoption: 2014       1. When did you first know that your rescue dog was the one for you? My wife and I have had at least one dog since the day we were married (It’s been 38 years, now!) We love dogs and the ones that we have are getting along in age. We have a Miniature Schnauzer who is 12 and a mixed…

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