Foster Agreement

Foster Home Agreement

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I agree to provide a temporary foster home for the dog named above, a rescued dog from Dogs 2nd Chance and agree to the following:

I understand that I have no claim of ownership on this dog. If I decide I would like to keep him/her, I agree to pay the appropriate adoption fee and sign an adoption agreement.

I understand the choice of a permanent home for him/her is a cooperative decision between me, Dogs 2nd Chance and the potential adopter. Your opinion is very valuable and is one of the deciding factors on whether the potential adopter is a good fit for your foster dog. We strive to find the perfect home for our foster dogs, not just a home.

I understand that he/she cannot be posted on any Petfinder website or other than that of Dogs 2nd Chance. This is a rule of Posting on social media is encouraged.

I understand that anyone interested in adopting my foster dog must submit an application to Dogs 2nd Chance, go through the adoption process and be approved by all parties. Although we work with other rescue groups, once accepted into our group Dogs 2nd Chance has exclusive adoption rights. We are all volunteers and spend many hours promoting, interviewing to find our foster dogs. Their perfect home.

While the dog is in my care, I agree:

1. To actively assist in the adoption process by attending a minimum of 1 monthly meet and greet event when applicable. To provide Dogs 2nd Chance with a current bio to the best of my knowledge, updating as we get more familiar with each other. To send to Dogs 2nd Chance or make him/her available for updated photos.

2. To administer monthly heartworm preventative and any other necessary medication (provided by Dogs 2nd Chance or as agreed by both parties).

3. To provide [or arrange] transportation to and from the Animal Clinic for necessary office visits.

4. To provide, but not limited to, proper diet, fresh water, exercise, socialization and a loving home environment. My foster dog shall never be left outside alone, tied or tethered.

5. To notify Dogs 2nd Chance if the dog needs emergency veterinary care.

6. To save and hold harmless the Dogs 2nd Chance, its officers, directors and members from any liability arising out of the foster care of this dog.

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