Q & A with D2C Adopter, Megan

Rosco and Jeremy


  Adopter: Megan and Jeremy from Memphis, TN.

  Castaway: Rosco

  Year of Adoption: 2011



1. What made you decide to rescue a dog?

We decided to rescue a dog because my husband had a rescue dog growing up and she was a great dog! We have always felt that rescue dogs were more loyal and we wanted to help a displaced dog find a loving home. Rosco’s original family had been displaced due to the flooding near Millington.  I had just graduated nursing school and we were thinking about getting a dog. My husband, Jeremy, saw Rosco on the website and was immediately drawn to him because he loves Blue Heelers. It isn’t often that you see a Blue Heeler or Blue Heeler mix in a rescue dog. He was the first and only dog we “tried out.”  We fell in love with him right away.

2. What is your favorite thing about your dog?


Rosco is so smart and very loving. He is playful and he meshed with our family immediately. I honestly cannot remember what it was like before we had Rosco.  He has made our family complete.

3. It’s a beautiful Saturday and you and your dog have the whole day ahead of you, what do you guys do?

We would most likely have a good long walk and perhaps a trip to the dog park. Rosco loves to swim in the lake! He also loves to ride in the car and will ride along to most anywhere.

Rosco is such a great dog! We had a wonderful experience with Dogs 2nd Chance and have recommended it to several people.

Rosco and Megan
Rosco and Megan

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