Q & A with D2C Adopter, Ken


Nancy and Gypsy

 Adopter: Ken and Nancy from Clinton, Tenn.

 Castaway: Gypsy (formally Bridgett)

 Year of Adoption: 2014




1. When did you first know that your rescue dog was the one for you?

My wife and I have had at least one dog since the day we were married (It’s been 38 years, now!) We love dogs and the ones that we have are getting along in age. We have a Miniature Schnauzer who is 12 and a mixed breed dog who adopted us during a thunderstorm 13 years ago.  With them getting up in age, my wife was wanting a younger dog to fill the void should one of the older ones cross the Rainbow Bridge.  She was wanting a mixed breed that had some terrier in it and who also had a unique “look”. She wanted a dog that was “so ugly it was cute”.

I was browsing the web this past January (2014) looking at rescue groups and came across Dogs 2nd Chance, a rescue group that I had never heard of before.  While looking at the available rescues from D2C, I came across Bridgett who was just what we were looking for in a pup.  She had that unique “look”. Actually, she was totally adorable!  It was love at first sight.  I sent her picture to my wife and she immediately agreed that this was the dog for us.

I contacted D2C, applied for her and within a few days we were on our way to Cookeville to meet the transport and bring our little girl home. We fell in love as soon as we saw her! We have since changed her name to Gypsy because of her history and if there’s anything this dog just loves to do, it’s give kisses! She just can’t stop giving kisses!

Just this evening my wife and I were talking (of course Gypsy was in our lap!) and we both agreed that Gypsy seems to have been with us for a lot longer than she actually has been.  She immediately became a member of our family and just fits right in!

2. If your rescue dog had to choose between a juicy steak or a wishbone, which would Waiting for the bus in Memphis.he/she choose and why?

If those were her only choices I would say she’d go for the wishbone.  However, her favorite thing to chew on is a her rawhide bone.  She just loves them! And, she’s very protective of them!  Not to the point of causing a ruckus but to keep the other dogs from getting it.  She likes to hide them and come back later when no one is looking and enjoy it in peace! This is a rawhide dog, for sure!  I think having grown up on the streets she’s never developed a taste for the finer things such as steak. She likes her life simple.

3. What would you say is the best thing about owning a rescue dog?

Most rescue dogs are mixed breeds.  They seem to be healthier and happier than any purebred dog. They seem to have all the best traits of the breeds that are mixed in, and my favorite thing about a rescue dog is……they seem to know that you’ve rescued them and they are so appreciative!


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