A Dog By Any Other Name, Listens

From Fido to Fluffy, our dogs’ names are not just a representation of our pooch’s unique personality, but of who we are also.

An esteemed owner may prefer the philosophical name of Plato while your ‘good ‘ole boy’ neighbor is content with simply calling out “Here, Dog!”.

Whatever name you choose to christen your dog, there is usually a story that comes with it, and rescue volunteers have the sweetest ones.

Take Lonesome for example; a young beagle mix that was found walking alone on the streets of Millington, Tenn. He was named not only for his lonely trek but for his unlucky draw in life as a homeless pup. (You can learn more about Lonesome here).


Of course, once Lonesome finds his forever home, he will no longer be lonesome and a name change may be in order. But before you gasp and cover your ears in dismay at such a suggestion, let me put your mind at ease. Changing a dog’s name, or any animal’s name for that matter, is perfectly acceptable and will result in no emotional or physical damage to your newly adopted castaway (unless you name him Kitty Cat, and in that case, who can blame him if he runs away?)

At Dogs 2nd Chance, we encourage our adopters to choose a name for their new dog. Sometimes the name is already a perfect fit, but other times it takes a simple name change to seal the bond between adopter and adoptee.

I recently published an article in Nashville Paw Magazine, titled A Dog By Any Other Name, Listens. In this article, I talk with trainer, Kat Martin and certified behaviorist, Michelle Yue about what a dog’s name means to a dog and how to properly train your dog to respond to his/her name. (Yes, this is a shameless plug for the magazine, but it’s a wonderful magazine that supports animal rescue and welfare so it’s approved).

If you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned owner who likes to learn more about animal behavior and training, you can follow the link below to read more. The article is on page 24 and it’s chock-full of information on naming your new pup!

Click here to read the article.

Do you have a story behind your dog’s name? Share it in the comments below!

With smiles,

Rebekah Olsen

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