Q & A with D2C Adopter, Colleen

Colleen and Rue
Colleen and Rue

Adopter: Colleen from Manchester, NH

Castaway: Rue (Formally Cassie)

Year of Adoption: 2013


1. If you could describe Rue in one word, what would it be and why?

Ohhhh. To describe Rue in one word. THAT is not easy!

If I had to choose just one, it would be STRONG.

She is a tank! Being pretty low to the ground, she is physically compact and has a low center of gravity. So she loves to pull and is good at it. Forget pull toys. she can destroy one in seconds. No joke. We have bought every rope toy, tug toy, ball and bone. NOTHING can survive her wrath. There have been many toy funerals.  Because all the toys are “dead”, she has taken to playing with the fleece blankets in the dog beds. She pulls them out and after convincing her fur brother to play, digs her paws in and PULLS! Jack (her brother) is a Great Dane/Boxer mix, weighs 60 pounds and is double her height. Eighty percent of the time, Jack gives up.  She is unbeatable. It’s awesome!

2. What is the weirdest thing that Rue does that makes you laugh?

(Left) Rue (Right) Jack
(Left) Rue (Right) Jack

If you want to see Rue run, get her to snuggle on the couch with you, and then…fart. Yep. If you break wind during her precious snuggle time, she will jump up and run off the couch like it was covered in hot coals.  It is truly the funniest thing I have ever seen. Sometimes we do it on purpose…don’t tell her:)

3. Why did you decide to adopt through Dogs 2nd Chance?

Deciding to adopt through D2C was easy. After our Jack Russell passed away, we began looking to adopt again. Not only were we heartbroken, but our Jack was lonely too. He had never been without a companion dog in our home since we had adopted him.  So a month later, we contacted several rescues and began the search. Within 24 hours of filling out the application, we got a call from our adoption counselor, Ronke.

Many of the other rescues either didn’t respond or sent a generic e-mail in reply.  Ronke was so helpful, personable and upfront. She answered all our questions and made it clear that D2C’s mission was to put animals in good homes. We knew this rescue was who we wanted to work with.

Through the entire process, Ronke sent us emails keeping us informed of how Rue (formally Cassie) was doing, including health updates, transport details and she even sent pictures. We felt like she was ours even before she arrived on transport. Then we got to talk to her foster mom. It was so wonderful to be able to talk to the person who was caring for our girl and her litter mates. It helped us get to know Rue’s personality and for her to get to know us. Ultimately, all the communication helped ensure Rue was going to the right family. Again, Dogs 2nd Chance wants to put dogs into loving forever homes. Mission accomplished:). We adore our “squishy”. She is funny, sweet, quirky, strong and beautiful.

Rue and Colleen's fiance, Matt
Rue and Colleen’s fiance, Matt

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