Adoptable Castaway-Valerie

DSC01162    It’s been a little bit since I’ve written a post and I’m overdue for some procrastination (does that mean I procrastinated procrastinating?), so instead of working on a presentation I have tomorrow, I’m going to introduce you to Valerie.


Valerie is suspected to be a Boston Terrier/Lab Mix, but honestly we don’t know, we just thought that sounded fancy. Her origins are also unknown, but after some investigation and a lot of guess work, we’ve come up with this:

Valerie’s mother comes from a family of conservative values, a well-to-do, loving home in a suburban neighborhood. One summer, Valerie’s mother, Sandy, went on a beach trip and met the love of her life, Danny. Danny was the opposite of Sandy (as opposites do attract); he was a rough and tough guy who often straddled the line of good and bad, but he sure did look handsome in a leather collar. Danny and Sandy immediately fell in love and nine weeks later, little Valerie came into their life.

Like most love stories, there is a tragic ending (well, at least this love story), Sandy’s mother and father didn’t approve of her relationship with Danny and so Sandy was swiftly taken home and Valerie was adopted out. There were a lot of dancing and singing in between all this, but we’re just going to skip a few scenes.

Valerie’s new home was not kind or loving and there was a general lack of slicked back hair and poodle skirts. After complaining about never having grease to DSC01122style her hair, her terrible, horrible, just-no-good, father threw a vat of hot grease on her. It burned off her beautiful, black fur and scorched her skin (that escalated quickly…).

Valerie ran away and was luckily found by Dogs 2nd Chance. While the patch of skin and fur on her back may never be the same, Valerie’s personality hasn’t changed a bit! She is sweet, loving and playful.

Valerie dreams of a home where she can be hopelessly devoted to her family. She would love a canine companion that she can stay up late at night with and gossip and do hair. She is quiet and timid at times so a gentle owner with patience and possibly permed locks would be best. Valerie is only a year old so she has plenty of years left to make a family happy, and she is way past the first year of stressful puppy hood having been potty trained, car trained and leash trained. She is a medium-sized dog, only 42 lbs, and won’t grow much bigger, if at all.

Valerie is great with other dogs; there really isn’t a family she wouldn’t be perfect for! And with her stunning looks, she is certain to turn heads and inspire others to break into a musical number.

Is your the home that she wants?      ooooo, ooooo, oooo, honey?

DSC01155(1)DSC01155(1)To learn more about Valerie, click here.

To adopt or foster Valerie, click here.


With smiles,