Happy Tail-Amanda

Nothing makes a rescue volunteer happier than hearing about a successful adoption story.

Here at Dogs 2nd Chance we take care that the castaways we rescue are loved and cared for during the time they are with us, but it’s the families that take them in that truly make the difference. We couldn’t continue our rescue efforts if people like Lora, here, didn’t open their hearts and homes up to our pups.

When a dog is adopted out, 4 lives are saved: the castaway, the foster parent, the adopted parent, and another castaway. We strive to match each of our castaways with the perfect family and when we do, it opens up another spot in our organization to save another dog’s life.

This Happy Tail comes from Lora Cornelius. She adopted one of our trailer park puppies. 

photo-5Here is a picture of Amanda that we adopted the last Saturday in January.  She has grown longer and taller. We have renamed her Zelda Mae. She is 17 weeks old. Four months on the 19th and she weighs 22.7 lbs!  She loves her older pit-bull brother, Brewster and older Australian Shepherd brother, Charlie. Brewster keeps up with her and worries about her. So we have a built in babysitter for her.  She has lots of bones and sleeps in her crate with a blanket, one of my t shirts, and lots of rawhide chew sticks.

She is such a sweet young lady.

At the same time she is spunky and mischevious.  She doesn’t just wiggle her tail, but her whole backside when she greets you.  She always has a happy prance.

She wanted to say hello and we wanted to thank you because our whole family adores her- two legged and four legged!!! Thank you for rescuing her for our family!!!!


Lora Cornelius


Special thanks to Lora and her family! If you’d like your own Happy Tail, visit here to view our other adoptable dogs that are just waiting for their perfect home.

If you’ve adopted a rescue dog in the past, share your Happy Tails story in the comments below!

With smiles,

Rebekah Olsen

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