Captain is Our Amazing Dog of the Month


Sweet Boy Needs A Forever Home!

Captain, my Captain!  He is really friendly, yet very protective of me personally from other animals – or maybe a little zealous. But he responds immediately to a ‘uh, uh (?)’. He tolerates cats well, occasionally playing with them (gently).  He is easily controlled and comes back quickly when called.  He loves to sit near you and let you rub his ears, or any where else.  He loves to fetch and returns with the stuffed toy. When he is finished playing, he will go thrown the toy, not pick it up and look at you from a distance like he is saying, ‘ I’m through!’ He  he does chase squirrels and occasionally birds, but is not persistent.  Once they have flown off or climbed a tree, he drops the pursuit.  He will play tug-of-war with you and a toy.  He really enjoys that.  Captain walks well on a short lease.  Tends to pull a little on a long one, but could use more training on the long ones.

Captain has good indoor manners.  He is house broken, barks when he needs to go out.  He has had very few accidents.  Captain is quiet in the house , except when he needs to go out.   He would enjoy a younger dog to play with.  Mine are older and passed real playing and tend to ignore his efforts.  No fighting, just trying to play. He is really a fun, affectionate dog and needs someone younger than I am with the energy to play with him. He is a sweet dog that really needs a forever home.  Please consider adopting Captain.