Q & A with a D2C Adopter, Chloe

Meet one of our Adopters and read about her experience with adopting a castaway from Dogs 2nd Chance Rescue Group.

Chloe and Dalton
Chloe and Dalton

Adopter: Chloe from Memphis, Tenn.

Castaway(s): Dalton from Dogs 2nd Chance and Mulligan from Ill.

 Year of Adoption:  2012;2013 respectively

On a scale of 1-10, ten being the highest, how much do you spoil your rescue(s)?

A big 10! My husband would laugh at that question because he always tells me how spoiled they are, but they deserve it. The couch no longer belongs to us, it belongs to them. They are walked daily. They have an electronic dog door so they can come in and out whenever they want. We take regular trips to the Shelby Farms Dog Park and they have lots of play dates with friends. They love to cuddle so they get lots of cuddle time, and, of course, lots of treats.

What do you love the most about Dalton and Mulligan?

(Left) Mulligan, (Right) Dalton
(Left) Mulligan, (Right) Dalton

Where do I begin? They provide us with constant entertainment. Their personalities are so distinct,

and they are both hilarious in their own way. We rescued both of our dogs as adults because we both work full-time and wanted to able to get to know their personalities before we rescued them. We

wanted dogs that would adapt well to the lifestyle of “working parents”. They have adapted very well.

They love to be lazy on the couch or sunbathe while we are gone and when we come home they just love to snuggle and play. We have learned a lot about self-sacrifice and I love them even more for it.

What was your experience with adopting a dog through Dogs 2nd Chance like?

Our experience was amazing. I happened upon your organization through the internet. My husband wanted a dog badly, but I was hesitant because we both work so much. We came to the agreement that we would get a dog as long as he was at least one-year-old. So, I googled “Memphis Rescue Dogs” and came upon your website. That is where I found sweet Dalton’s page on your website. He was precious in his pictures. There was another dog that we asked about as well.

I filled out the application and was contacted by Lin. She told us that Dalton seemed like he would be a perfect fit for our family and our situation, and she really eased my nerves. She set up a home visit for the following weekend. He came in and we immediately decided to do a weekend sleepover. By that evening, we had already purchased his leash, pad, food and toys. We were in love! Lin checked in afterwards and answered any questions that we had.

I always suggest your organization!

Dalton, rescued by Dogs 2nd Chance, adopted by Chloe
Dalton, rescued by Dogs 2nd Chance, adopted by Chloe

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