Adoptable Castaway-Parker

Meet Parker.

With a face like his (and a jump that majestic) it’s difficult to imagine why this pooch isn’t snuggled up in his forever home.

Parker’s origins are fairly unknown…a rabbit or a deer may have something to do with it based on his mid-air form. He was picked up by Memphis Animal Shelter along with his 5 siblings and is the last one left. We overheard him once telling his pupmates to find homes first because he wanted to work on developing his dog park act….recent evidence supports this statement.

Parker2- Dogs 2nd ChanceSo far his act consists of Shake, Bring it, Release it, Come, and Sit. We think he’s pretty close to out-shining all the dogs at the dog park, but he really wants to fine-tune is ball catching abilities. Can you say overachiever?

At 25lbs, we don’t think he will weigh more than 45 full grown..especially if he keeps up his strict workout regimen. And with great abilities, come great responsibilities so Parker is looking for someone who is interested in maximizing his star potential.

If you love walks, playing catch, learning new tricks, going on car rides, playing with toys….wait, that’s what he likes. Well, if you like watching him like those things, then Parker will be perfect for you.

He is great with other dogs, kids and people so really any family will do, but considering his desire for greatness, he may be better suited in a single-person home where you can double as his personal agent and caretaker.

Parker is house trained, kennel trained, heart worm negative, up-to-date on shots, and has several portraits taken so you can get a head start on his stardom.

If you are ready to rise to fame with this stunning black pup, then fill out an adoption form by clicking here!

Parker3-Dogs 2nd Chance

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