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we raised $8,000!

we raised $8,000!Anonymous Donor Will Match Funds Up to $4,000!

$4,000 RAISED!

An anonymous donor is matching donations to Dogs 2nd Chance! The donor will match your donation up to $4,000! Every $25 you donate is now $50! Help Dogs 2nd Chance earn $8,000 donations for the dogs!

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This is our first crowdfunding project, and we are so excited! Thanks to a special matching program, we can offer to DOUBLE YOUR DOLLARSyour gift will have TWICE the power to help abandoned dogs and puppies!

And, when you open your own gifts on Christmas morning, you’ll feel a glow of joy in your heart, knowing that you’ve given the gift of LIFE, HEALTH, and HAPPINESS to a dog who otherwise would have crouched, shivering and unloved – or worse – in the cold alleyways of Memphis!


Before telling you about this special opportunity, we want you to know who we are and what we do.

Since 2007, our 501[c]3 non-profit dog foster group has helped abandoned dogs in Memphis TN recover from abuse and neglect, finding them homes with people who deserve the love they give so freely. We are not a shelter and receive no government funding. We provide not just in-home fostering and adoption services, but serious medical care as well. Let me tell you about some precious puppies we saved recently.

In July, someone dumped Roxanne and her sisters, Precious and Ava, near the Mississippi River. They were starved and skeletal when we found them, but otherwise seemed healthy.

A few days later, we learned they all had Parvo, a deadly puppy disease. They needed very expensive treatment – including continuous IV fluids for 5 to 7 days.

We saved Roxanne and her sisters! They are in foster care, and soon they’ll be be adopted into new homes with people who will love and cherish them!

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Our veterinary services are provided by Northgate Animal Hospital. Even with extremely deep discounts, the medical bill for Roxanne, Precious, and Ava totaled over $2,200.

There are lot of discarded and unwanted puppies like Roxanne in Memphis TN, and helping them overcome deadly diseases like Parvo carries a high price tag.

Now, here’s the “EARLY CHRISTMAS” part of our message: An anonymous donor has offered to match donations to our program! This means that YOU can double the power of your money, giving the gift of a second chance to even more dogs and puppies! With your help, just think of how many more precious lives we can save!

It hurts us to turn any dog away, but so many need our help. . . . and so we’re asking for yours. If we can raise $4,000 – with our donor match, that’s EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS we can use to provide veterinary care to dogs and puppies in need!

Please open your heart, and give a precious puppy or dog A SECOND CHANCE FOR CHRISTMAS! ~ ~ ~ ~ (And just imagine Roxanne, Precious, and Ava’s happily wagging tails. . . . PEACE AND LOVE!)

precious roxanne
Thanks to all the generous donors who’ve contributed to this project!

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