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    A Dog By Any Other Name, Listens

    From Fido to Fluffy, our dogs’ names are not just a representation of our pooch’s unique personality, but of who we are also. An esteemed owner may prefer the philosophical name of Plato while your ‘good ‘ole boy’ neighbor is content with simply calling out “Here, Dog!”. Whatever name you choose to christen your dog, […]

    Whose Walk Is It Anyway?

    How to Leash Train Your Dog Using the Loose Leash Method I’m currently re-fostering Dude, a yellow lab mix that has become the sunshine in my life. He is a loving and intelligent 2-year-old, intent on pleasing and having fun. He’s been with Dogs 2nd Chance for about a year now and while he was […]

    Patience, You Must Have

    Meet Dude, our new foster pup. Dude is a yellow lab mix that was found in an abandoned neighborhood in Millington, Tenn. as a young lad. For the past year, he lived with Lin, one our rescue volunteers, but Midas (our Mastiff) decided he needed a new friend after Monkee left, and asked Dude to […]

    5 Games to Play with Your (Big) Dog on a Rainy Day

    When it’s raining cats and dogs outside these games will keep your big, furry friend exercised mentally and physically without all the muddy mess. Normally, my mastiff, Midas, is perfectly content sleeping next to me on the couch all day, but it’s usually on the rainiest and muddiest of days that he decides he wants […]