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    How Fostering Can Change You For Good

    One of the questions we often get asked is “Is it hard fostering a dog?” Yes, it is hard, anything worth doing usually is, but it’s also something more…it’s life changing.

    There’s a song in the musical, Wicked, called For Good. Wizard of Oz inspired characters, Glinda and Elphaba, are two witches who became friends despite all odds and differences and sing this song as they are parting ways for the final time. The lyrics say:

    Who can say I’ve been changed for the better,

    but because I knew you,

    I have been changed for good.

    Fostering a dog is like walking down the yellow brick road to Oz. You’re going to meet some trouble on the way, but in the end, you’ll gain four things: courage, a brain, a heart and a home.

    Rescues don’t have the greatest of starts and because of this, many of them will come into your home timid and afraid, but you’ll soon learn that as long as you’re by their side, they have unwavering courage. Fostering a dog teaches you how to surround yourself with friends and to be courageous.

    Rescues are usually not trained, and don’t know much about domestic pet life, but they do know love and love is what they’ll do. Fostering a dog will show you that while we may not know it all, we should share what we do know.

    When your rescue finally finds a home, you’ll realize how much energy and love you poured into your foster, and then you’ll give him to someone else, parting ways for the final time. Fostering a dog will show you how to love unconditionally and then give that love, a piece of your heart, to others.

    Most importantly, you’re opening your home up to others less fortunate even when it means sacrificing its condition or your sanity. Fostering a dog will teach you that there is no place like home, unless the people, and dogs, you love are in it.

    I can’t promise that fostering a rescue will also change you for the better, but I can tell you, it will change you for good.

    If you’d like to foster one of our dogs, fill out a foster application here. 

    With smiles,

    Rebekah Olsen