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  • So, here's the deal. According to our trainers, Dude has decided that his foster home is his new home. Which is sweet, I'm certainly flattered, but I haven't decided how to break the news to the guy that he hasn't quite made it to his forever home. My plan is to quickly find him a forever home so I don't have to have that conversation with him, but I need your help! Dude has stirred up quite a bit of interest, how could he not? He's adorable, loving, a total goof ball, and practically fully trained. You can learn more about him here: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/28760128/ I'd like to clear up a few things that might help all of you guys fill out that adoption form and bring Dude into your home a little quicker. (Normally, this would be a blog post, but the blog is being transferred to the website right now). 1. I don't know if I have the time to train a new dog. Yeah, me either. I mean seriously, the potty training, kennel training, leash training. Exhausting! But good news! Dude already knows all of this! All you have to do is welcome him into your home, he's figured out the rest! 2. $175 adoption fee?! Seems expensive... Let me break this down for ya: Neuter Fees: $100 Vaccinations and shots: $140 Microchip: $20 One week of food: $15 When you adopt a dog with Dogs 2nd Chance, you get all of the above. So actually we are saving you over $100 right from the start! PLUS, you get 50% off all training (which everyone should try to do regardless of the dog because it's a great bonding experience)! So, really...NO, bad owner. Not expensive, cheap..very cheap. 3. I'm worried he won't get along with my other dogs/kids? Sure, yeah, I feel ya there. Good thing Dude lived with 9 other dogs for a year, lives with another dog right now, and has lived with children before. Dogs, children, adults? He's got that covered! In fact, he needs it. He would love a big sized family. He is such a gracious and happy dog that he has plenty of love to go around for everyone. Except cats, probably no cats. 4. I'm interested in Dude, but I don't want to fill out an application. Can't we just meet him? You can absolutely meet him! Anytime really, he would love that, but you do have to fill out an application, and it only takes about 10 minutes, plus it's fun! You're talking about yourself and your family...it's always fun to talk about yourself! As much as we want Dude to find a home fast...it has to be the perfect match and an application helps us to decide that. Wouldn't it be exciting to know you qualified to own such an awesome pup!? Any other questions, feel free to contact us by visiting our website! Want to adopt Dude? Yeah, so does everyone else so hurry and fill out that application quick! Limited supplies of Dude while they last. With smiles, Rebekah

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    Sweet Boy Needs a FURever Home...I know what you’re thinking, Dude? Why the name Dude for a dog? Well, because when you're around this 60 lb, 2-year-old yellow lab, you can't help but say 'Duuuuuddeeee, what’cha doin?' This cool guy has a...

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  • please share share share and dine at a Shelby County Chilli's on Wednesday. Don't forget to print the flyer or show it on your phone!!!

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